Best eCommerce Store To Start For New Businesses

Best eCommerce Store To Start For New Businesses

Starting any business is tough, requiring late nights, early mornings and a total devotion to your business all year round.

Expanding an existing business into eCommerce or starting an eCommerce business from scratch can be a very complicated process that many do not complete to a high enough level to see profitable results.

Understanding what is the best ecommerce store to start will likely contribute to the eventually success or failure of your business.

In this guide our eCommerce Web Design Experts in Hampshire will cover what you need to consider when setting up an eCommerce store and explain the best overall platform to start your store on.

Starting an eCommerce Store Checklist

eCommerce Businesses like any business require a total focus on ‘the customer’s perspective’ when building the store and the marketing plan that goes with it.

In today’s age customers expect a number of things from an eCommerce store:

  • Fast-loading website
  • Mobile-optimised website
  • Intuitive navigation of the website
  • Menus & Search Function
  • Ability to pay with different payment processors
  • Ability to contact the retailer’s behind the website
  • Clear return and refund policy
  • Competitive pricing
  • Promotional Offers

Picking the best eCommerce store to start your new digital retail venture will require an in-depth understanding of the core elements above.

 Page Load Speed for eCommerce Stores

Fast loading speed on both the web version of your eCommerce store and the mobile version is incredibly important for a number of reasons.

Primarily its what is to be expected of all eCommerce websites in the modern age, slow loading times result in lost sales and your website’s SEO will be harmed by poor loading speed.

Ensuring that your eCommerce store is fast will be something you have to constantly focus on. At the bottom of this guide, our web design experts will explain how to achieve fast loading speeds on both website and mobile.

 Intuitive Navigation of eCommerce Websites

Ensuring your eCommerce store is easy to navigate is critical to a good user experience and enables your prospective customers to find what they are searching for quickly, reducing the time between deciding to buy and completing the checkout process. The easier it is for your customers to navigate your site the more sales you will gain.

Setting up good navigation comes down to the website design, menu bar and search function. A working search function, an effective menu bar and a well-designed website are the three core elements dictating the quality of the user’s on-page experience.

 The Ability To Pay With Different Payment Processors

Most customers that use an eCommerce site have a preferred payment processor they choose to use. Some payment processors like PayPal provide significant protection for the consumer and consequently, are the preferred payment method for some customers.

Ensuring you are able to host the main payment processors will result in an increased conversion rate compared to the same site not running them.

Our eCommerce Experts can help get this set up for you today – Contact Us

 Ability To Contact Support

A few years ago the inclusion of live chat onto websites became popular. While not of major importance to most customers, the ability to speak directly with support staff from the business helps with customer confidence in your eCommerce store. It can also help directly with sales for the portion of customers that like to use live chat.

While live chat is not absolutely necessary, having a clear way to contact you whether that be through email or phone is very important. Depending on the size of your eCommerce business you may need full-time staff to manage customer contact.

 Clear Returns and Refund Policy

Having a clear return and refund policy is a key conversion optimisation element for any eCommerce store. Almost all customers before purchasing would like to know if they are able to return the product if it is unsuitable and get a refund if they require one.

Not having this return and refund policy clearly shown to prospective customers can result in a lot of lost sales, therefore is a crucial element of any eCommerce website. However, you must ensure you are set up to handle returns and that your return policy does not allow for excessive and expensive returns.

 Having Competitively Priced eCommerce Products

Pricing your products correctly is central to an effective eCommerce store. As we mentioned at the start of this guide all business activity must be focused on the customer’s perspective. Central to this idea is ‘value for money’  – does the customer feel like the products on your website are good value for money?

To identify whether your products are good value for money ensure you have performed effective market research on your competitors – read here for a more in-depth guide on developing a marketing strategy for new eCommerce Stores.

 Setting Promotional Offers On Your eCommerce Store

Encouraging your customers to buy can always be helped with time-sensitive promotional offers. When customers feel there is a time limit for a certain offer they are more likely to buy for fear of missing out on good value in the future – this is an age-old retail strategy that works time and time again.

Building an eCommerce store with promotional offers and the ability to easily create promotional coupons in mind will improve the long-term effectiveness of your company.

 An eCommerce Platform that is highly optimised out of the box.

Covering all of the points above would be a major headache for any web design company. However, in the eCommerce space there are services known as Saas (Software as a service) which can provide you with an ‘all-in-one’ software kit that you can set up and have a high-performing eCommerce store ‘out of the box’.

There are a few eCommerce Saas that exist, however one service stands far above the rest not only for functionality but sheer value for money – Shopify.

best ecommerce store to start for new businesses

Shopify provides hosting and pre-made websites that are highly optimised for eCommerce. While there is still some set-up and optimisation required with these pre-made websites they are effectively 90% complete when you decide to develop with them.

Shopify websites are optimised for speed and user experience as a standard. Avoiding the technical headache of trying to optimise a site for better loading speed, which is usually required when developing an eCommerce website from scratch or using a non-optimised service like WooCommerce.

As Shopify specialises in eCommerce websites all of the major design options you encounter are built on the continual development of older eCommerce sites.

Meaning a modern-day Shopify store would be far more optimised for converting your customers than any self-made site or any older business running an older Saas.

This means things like site navigation are already highly optimised as standard on every new design that you will have access to.

We mentioned earlier that integration with multiple payment processors is now a necessary requirement for any eCommerce business. Fortunately, Shopify enables the integration of multiple international payment processors on your website.

From PayPal to Google Pay to ‘buy now pay later’ services like Klarna – all are built in you simply have to activate them.

Finally setting up promotional campaigns is key to remaining competitive in the commercial environment.

Again here Shopify has you covered – they have their own Coupon section built into the backend meaning you can easily set up promotional campaigns in a few minutes and deactivate them whenever the promotional campaign is completed.

best ecommerce store for beginners

 Getting your eCommerce Business Set Up Correctly

Our in-house team at BytesizeMe is comprised of Shopify and eCommerce experts with years of experience running large and small eCommerce companies. We ensure that any new eCommerce company gets off to a flying start and we can take over the responsibility of growing your eCommerce business.

From assistance setting up your Shopify store to broad-spectrum assistance with digital marketing and business development problems, you may face our highly experienced team is here to help.

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