Free Guide To The Best SEO Tools For Your Business

The major barrier to launching a PPC campaign with Google Adwords is the expense. Business owners believe that PPC is too expensive to set up and maintain for a little marketing budget.

SEO is essential to the success of your internet business, no matter what kind it is. This free guide to the best SEO tools for your business is written to help you. The primary objective of search engine optimisation is to boost natural traffic to your website. It is accomplished by the use of keyword optimisation, website bug fixes, improved page rankings, etc.

For 61% of marketers, increasing SEO is one of their top goals. For online shops, blogs, social media platforms, or centres for article writing, it is necessary.

It includes a wide range of features and resources to aid marketers and business owners in doing that. And at first glance, it appears to be a data black hole. However, it’s not as terrifying as it might seem.

There are several paid and free SEO analytics tools available that can help you get started with or improve your SEO strategy. Here is a collection of the best and most complete ones.

Using Google free tools for SEO

Not just because it is the market leader, Google has its own section in the piece. Additionally, it provides the finest tools that are entirely free and suitable to begin with. Google Analytics is the only tool that can provide more crucial information.

Google Analytics for SEO

Without a doubt, this is among the best SEO analytics tools available. any user can use for absolutely nothing. It provides access to all the information required to comprehend and assess website ranking and potential sales/visits. You’ll receive information on website traffic, its source, and user behaviour. Therefore, if you quickly navigate away from the page, something is wrong.

Additionally, it provides data on user flow, audience demographics, lead creation, and conversion rates. All of that ultimately aids in developing a marketing strategy, identifying areas of weakness, and optimising the website appropriately.

Be aware, Google Analytics is changing and will stop collecting data in the summer 2023.  It is being replaced by Google Analytics 4.  If you have not set this up yet, time is running out.

Google Search Console 

Another excellent SEO tool from Google is this one. Page viewing and ranking are its biggest priorities. The content can be improved to increase organic traffic based on the page’s keyword rating. Additionally, it highlights common mistakes on the page such keyword stuffing or broken links (all of that impacts ranking). Also, there is an alert system that will warn you right away if there is a problem with the website. Interested in sponsored promotion? There is also information on clicks per word.

Google My Business/Google Maps

It is a quick and simple solution that enables the creation of an online business profile. Customers will therefore see this listing when they Google you or click on the map. Google my business has changed and you can now only access your business through Google Maps or Google search.

If you only have one Google business property then you are restricted to using Google Maps to access and editing the content but there is a little know hack to gain access through Google search.  Do you want to know the hack? Call us and we can share it.

SEO with Google AdWords Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner can also be used for keyword research. This is one of the SEO analytical tools created for people who intend to pay for Google Ads. You do not have to run a campaign to get access. You’ll be aware of the frequency of searches for the specific words and their evolution over time.

Google PageSpeed Insight

PageSpeed Insights (PSI) reports on a page’s performance on desktop and mobile devices. It offers recommendations for how to make that page better. Regarding a page, PSI offers both lab and field data. Since lab data is gathered in a controlled setting, it is helpful for troubleshooting performance issues.

As the name implies, it focuses on how quickly a page loads. And it offers suggestions for speeding up the page. A website’s desktop and mobile versions both offer reports.

Google Lighthouse 

Adding Google lighthouse will also give you an amazing range of in-depth knowledge to help your SEO efforts.  Providing insights into the accessibility , performance, best practices. An open-source, automated tool for raising the calibre of web pages is called Lighthouse. Any online page, whether one that requires authentication or is public, may be tested with it. It features audits for SEO, progressive web apps, performance, and more.

The best All-In-One SEO analytical tools For your business

I’ve included a list of sophisticated, professional SEO tools in this part that more closely resemble suites. They provide a range of integrated features and capabilities. All of them accept subscription payments due to their great functionality. Nevertheless, they offer various trial periods and free features. One of the most highly regarded SEO analytics tools in the business is SEMRush. It’s likely that profitable internet retailers, reputable press release services, and well-known travel bloggers all use SEMRush.


SEMRush provides information on all aspects of SEO, content marketing, and PPC, including paid traffic and social media analysis. It provides a thorough study of the website and aids in the development of a content plan. To help you better understand your audience, you receive data on your target keywords, backlinks, online content gaps, and various search intents. It is possible to research popular topics and how to present them to draw in readers.


Ahrefs is another leading all-in-one SEO tool that is widely used. Everything is done by it.  From simple keyword research to organising paid advertising campaigns. It provides all pertinent information about your website as well as research on your rivals. Planning and managing content strategy can be greatly aided by the keyword tool.

MOZ Pro  

The Moz suite contains a wide range of SEO tools. There is a page grader, a feature that investigates the functionality of links and keywords. It also provides information on potential website optimisation strategies. To check for duplication and citations, use the MOZ local tool. Consistent web information regarding your company is also beneficial. If Google displays inaccurate data or if the data has been changed, you’ll receive a warning.

Raven SEO Tools 

Software is accessible in two varieties: Raven Reimagined and Classic. The first one includes all reporting and SEO tools. It assists with keyword ranking, back linking, marketing reporting, and website audit and analysis. Additionally, this programme can be used to research rival companies.

The new edition includes SEM features in addition to the traditional SEO possibilities. Consequently, it is intended for a knowledgeable approach to digital marketing. It offers the chance to generate leads, increase brand awareness, and track actions.


Diib is another great resource fr SEO.  Providing daily health scores of your website and weekly snapshots of how it is performing makes it a great choice for startup e-commerce websites and designers. It has a great keyword research tool and can show you where you are ranking as well as identifying any SEO gaps you might have. You can benchmark against your competition and make more use of social networks to boost SEO.

SEO minion

SEO Minion is another great resource and a great Chrome plugin.  With this you can analysis your On-page SEO and highlight your links.  It has a broken link checker Hreflang check as well as providing SERP previews and location checkers. 

Small SEO analytical tools for business 

We’ll discuss some compact, mostly single-functional tools in this section that can be very helpful. It’s acceptable if not everyone wants to spend money on an all-inclusive service. Fortunately, they can employ a variety of SEO analytics tools that work well together. And they are essentially free. These are my top choices.

Rank Ranger 

Rank Ranger’s main job is to select the best keywords for SEO and PPC by monitoring keyword rankings. Additionally, a rank risk index based on SERP fluctuations is available. This analysis allows one to determine whether a negative change is brought on by the website or modifications made to the Google algorithm. Backlinks are also evaluated.

Screaming Frog  

It is cool programme that aids in website optimisation and fixes any mistakes (404, broken links, server issues). These factors are all relevant to Google’s ranking. Duplicate management and a thorough page audit are also possible. And Google Analytics integrates with it flawlessly.

Keywords Everywhere  

It was a free browser add-on (Chrome or Firefox). However now there is a small charge.  Its main objective is to deliver pertinent data about keyword searches. You might research rivals or analyse certain words’ cost per click. The ability to look up searches made on websites like Amazon, YouTube, Bing, and Google is another fantastic feature.


Here is another fantastic free keyword research tool. Ubersuggest is one of my all time favourite tools. There is so much information to dig into and is constantly expanding its suite of tools.  It aids in establishing the content strategy in accordance with audience interests. It has other fascinating features as well. Ubersuggest also offers a domain overview for rivals. According to your inquiries, it suggests keywords and content ideas. Business owners and marketers can select the precise area they want to target.

Answer the Public 

Recently acquired by Neil Patel and Ubersuggest It is a website made to help users understand searches, their goals, and the topics in which they are most interested. Any term or phrase can be entered, and a vast array of related searches and subjects depending on what people seek up will appear. It perfectly illustrates content strategy. One might add themes that are sparsely covered to their strategy by identifying them. Additionally, it uses long-tail keywords, which are typically simpler to score highly for.

Backlink Tool 

This software is excellent for managing backlinks, as the name implies. What makes that so crucial? They affect Google’s ranking, too, I suppose. So, if many spammy websites connect to your website, the algorithm may penalise you.

Best SEO tools for business Conclusion 

In conclusion, each online business that wishes to grow and acquire greater momentum needs SEO analytical tools. A professional all-in-one outfit or simple and free apps can be used as a starting point.

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