Does PPC Work For Small Local Businesses?

The major barrier to launching a PPC campaign with Google Adwords is the expense. Business owners believe that PPC is too expensive to set up and maintain for a little marketing budget.

Does PPC Work fro small and local businesses? In this article we answer the question.

As the owner of a small business, you’ve most certainly devised marketing tactics for generating new clients. Because you want to reach individuals on a smaller scale and avoid over-saturation in your sector, a low-investment strategy that produces consistent results – such as SEO – is likely (search engine optimisation).


SEO has been a favourite of many small businesses for several years. It is inexpensive, easy to use, and gives consistent results and long-term search engine presence.

Surely, this is the golden passport to online business success. It certainly helps to establish a presence and attract new consumers, but it is insufficient if you truly want to flourish in your sector. Pay per click (PPC) advertising is quickly becoming one of the most powerful online marketing techniques accessible.

The major barriers to launching a PPC Campaign

The major barrier to launching a PPC campaign with Google Adwords is the expense. Business owners believe that PPC is too expensive to set up and maintain for a little marketing budget. This is far from the case. The fact is, that an increasing number of small businesses are shifting away from SEO and traditional marketing and into PPC. Yes, you will spend a little more; you must pay Google Adwords every time your ads are clicked on, but the rewards are too great to pass up.

Google Ads are so tempting when you think of the possibilities 

One of the most tempting aspects of Google paid ads PPC is that you do not have to outbid your competitors in order to be on page one of search results. You might want to read that last sentence again!  This is fantastic news for small enterprises with limited resources.

A high Quality Score (QS), which is assessed on a scale of 0-10, is a more sustainable technique of remaining at the top of Google Ads. You increase your score by improving the relevance, clarity, consistency, and quality of your keywords, advertising, and landing pages. If you have a better quality score (e.g., 6-10), Google will reward you by placing you higher in the rankings – without cost. 

What is equally good to know is how Google operate their ad bidding. You only ever pay 1 pence more than the lower bid.  If you set a budget of £5 and the next competing bid was £4 then you only pay £4.01 to outbid your rival.

The biggest mistake with a Google Ad Campaign 

But be warned, before you think of entering the PPC arena you will need to fix the one thing that will stop people taking action…you website landing page.

Before you begin any PPC campaign, you must first take a step back and address the landing pages that will work in tandem with your ads.

Here’s why it’s critical: when prospects click on a PPC ad, it’s because the ad’s content has piqued their interest, and they want to learn more. However, if the link they click takes them to an unrelated or generic page on your website, such as your homepage, they will most likely bounce.

A click on a PPC ad indicates a desire to learn more about what the ad was about, which is why it’s critical to design tailored landing pages that correspond with the ad’s content. For example, if you were running a PPC campaign advertising two-for-one pizzas at your restaurant, the landing page for the ad should include more information about the promotion, a coupon to redeem the free pizza, or something else related to the ad content.

Optimise all aspect of your landing page and website

You must also optimise your landing pages for performance because prospects will bounce if they click your ad and wind up on a page that doesn’t load quickly, is difficult to browse, or has other technical issues.

Take the effort now to optimise your site conversions so that prospects who visit later are more likely to convert. Here are a few ideas for optimising your site for conversions.

1.     Use compelling and clear calls to action 

2.     Use a minimalist design with plenty of white space

3.     Create clear and straightforward copy

4.     To keep people’s attention, use video and graphics carefully.

5.     Use bullets, stand-out quotations, and images to make information easier to swallow.

Does PPC work for small local businesses?

PPC can work really well for small local businesses. The targeting possibilities and low entry cost make it a very viable attractive marketing tool. However, whilst it’s a really great way to get client and revenue, be careful. We recommend you use a specialist to get help set up your campaign.  There is so much to consider and a whole array of tracking that needs to be applied in order monitor and dial in the best targeting. If this is not done correctly, the costs could not meet expectation.

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