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WordPress Websites

Why use WordPress?

There are many reasons why we use WordPress to design and build our websites.  WordPress is the most used CMS (Content Management System) online with nearly 60% marketshare compared other CMS like Joomla, Drupal, and Magento.  To find out more about Content Management Systems (CMS) we have an article here.  WordPress is search engine friendly, fully customisable, mobile friendly and easy to use.  Another reason why use WordPress is because of the incredible amount of plugins available to make tasks so simple.  We use WordPress and WooCommerce to create powerful e-commerce websites for local business.  E-commerce websites for local businesses in WordPress provide great functionality, inventory management, ordering, stock control, multiple payment gateways, shipping and product pricing.  you can learn more about how we use WordPress for e-commerce websites here.

Can I access and update pages in WordPress?

You can update and access your pages in WordPress very easily.  Accessing your WordPress pages requires a username and password, logging in to your site will take you to the WordPress dashboard, where you have access to all the pages, plugins, themes and media libraries.  WordPress also makes it easy to assign different access levels to different users, Super Admin, Administrator, and Editor levels for example.  Using WordPress you can access and update pages, and posts without the need for learning how to code.   Update product listing pages, descriptions, prices, shipping, tax rates and more. With WordPress you can access and update everything, you are in total control.

Can I add images to my WordPress Website

You can add images to your WordPress website quickly and easily.  When adding images to your WordPress website, open the media gallery and and select the image you want to upload. Tag and title your images so they are easily identified in searches.  You can add titles, captions, descriptions, and alternative text.  You can also set compression levels and crop the image from within your WordPress website.

Can I change the pricing on my WordPress website?

You can change the pricing on your WordPress website and there are various ways to do it.  WordPress allows you to change pricing on all your products.  You can change more than the pricing with WordPress, you have the ability to add and change prices, shipping charges, discount codes, tax rates and more. When using WordPress and WooCommerce you also have the ability to make bulk prices changes for multiple products at the same time, saving you time. Uploading bulk pricing, applying sales pricing, WordPress and WooCommerce gives you total control.

Will my WordPress website be mobile friendly?

Designing and building our websites in WordPress makes sure they are mobile friendly.  Many WordPress website themes are already optimised to be mobile friendly or responsive. Meaning that they will display perfectly in any website browser on any device from desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile.  It is critical that your WordPress website is responsive and displays correctly on any devices, not just because you want the experience to be the best for your visitors but it also plays a role in Search Engine Optimisation SEO which is the process of ensuring you site appears in searches.  To understand more about SEO we have a FAQ specifically on that subject.

Why do I need website hosting?

You need website hosting because you need somewhere to store all the files you need to enable your website to be on the internet.  There are different types of hosting services available to you. Shared hosting, VPS Hosting and cloud hosting.  Which one is the best fit for you depends on the size of your website and budget. Shared Servers allow you access to files, databases and importantly email. This is where you can have a professional email ending in your URL address. A dedicated server will provide provide all the same as shared but you have full control of all the resources. The benefits will be faster upload and more processing power and is probably not the best solution for a micro-business or start up and needs a higher level of expertise.  We provide our website clients free website hosting for the first year so there is no worry about hosting.

What is SEO search engine optimisation?

SEO search engine optimisation is the process for taking a website, or page of content, and enabling it be found in a search.  We use SEO search engine optimisation to inform the search engines like Google and Bing, what the content is about and how it is relevant for specific keyword search terms or phrases so that it can rank higher when people search that content.  We breakdown SEO into two parts, on page and off page. To learn more about SEO read our article.

Why won’t my website be found without it?

Without SEO, your website and pages will be still be found if you type the website address when searched online.  However, there are millions of pages on the web and your pages will be lost in the noise without SEO. Search platforms like Google always want to provide the most relevant and up-to-date information.  SEO search engine optimisation, tells the search engines why your page is the most appropriate for a given keyword search or phrase.

Social Media Packages

Why do I need social media for my business?

Why you need social media for your business is because it is one of the fastest ways to get your business found online.  Research shows that 58.4% of the world’s population uses social media, with the average daily view time just under two and a half hours!  So by using social media for your business it is very likely that your ideal clients and customers are using social media and will be interested in your products and services. Using social media for business allows you to be found and viewed and your content shared with interested interested people.  You can learn more reading our blog Why your small business needs social media management 

What if I don’t have a social media account?

If you don’t already have a social media account that’s not problem. Setting up social media accounts is a straight forward process and we can help you set up an account to get you started.  In most cases you will need a personal social media account to gain access to, and create your social media business account.

I don’t want my personal profile linked to my business

f you don’t want your personal profile linked your business, don’t worry.  Where you need a personal social media profile to create your business profile, the two social media profiles are totally separate when viewed by users.  There are very valid reasons why you may not want your personal social accounts linked to your business social media accounts and they can be managed completely independently.

Will social media work in my industry?

Will social media work in your industry, is an often asked question. With over 58% of the global population on social media*, we are confident it will work in any industry.  People spend on average 2.5 hours per day on social media, across many demographies.  Your ideal client in you industry will be found using one of the social media platforms.  Think of an influencer in your industry, or a thought leader, they will be on social media somewhere.


How do you measure results with social media?

How do you measure results with social media?  There are many ways we can measure results from social media.  We can monitor various different actions taken, from page views, post clicks, video watch time. likes and comments.  We can also track actions like website visits, video watch time and retention, to see which content gets most engagement so we can produce more of the same. How you measure results with social media is all about knowing the best metrics to measure and report. The most common results measured are impressions, reach, engagement along with conversions.  To learn the different results we can measure from social media read out article.

How do I handle comments on my social media posts?

How do you handle comments on your social media posts? Comments are great conversation starters and a great way to capture visitor email addresses and contact details when done correctly. Replying to comments increases your engagement metrics.  Whilst most comments will be positive, occasionally you have the odd idiot.  How you handle negative comments on your social media posts is straight forward. Rude or abusive comments can be deleted and the sender blocked from your page. We have some more advice on how to handle comments on your social media posts here.

PPC (pay per click) Paid Ads

Where will my PPC (pay per click) ads appear?

Where your PPC (pay per click) ads appear will depend on the platform you choose to run your ad campaign.  PPC (pay per click) search ads, can appear in Google searches dependent on the specific keyword or search phrases you wish to show your ads.  These pay per click ads can be locally targeted to suit the locality of your business, only appearing in local searches.   Where your PPC (pay per click) ads on social media appear, are dependent on several factors. Facebook has some very advanced and detailed audience targeting, along with the ability to select where across the Facebook platform your PPC ads appear.  On desktop, mobile, in Messenger, WhatsApp, or Instagram. There are many places you can select to have your PPC ads appear.  For more detailed look at PPC (pay per click) advertising we have this in-depth article here.

Who will see my PPC (pay per click) ads?

Who will see your PPC (pay per click) ads Depends on which type of campaign you use.  You can use PPC ads targeting to be seen by potential clients searching for a series of specific keywords or search terms. Who will see you pay per click ads can be controlled by selecting a targeted demography based on your ideal customer.

How fast does PPC (pay per click) it work?

How fast does PPC (pay per click) ads work? Paid ads PPC can work extremely quickly and once you have started a campaign.  Once you have started, your PPC (pay per click) campaign you can  optimise and split test to improve performance.

Will a PPC (pay per click) campaign guarantee me customers?

Will a PPC (pay per click) campaign guarantee you customers?  You are  guaranteed some form of result, as everything you do online is measurable and trackable, but the one thing your PPC (pay per click) ad campaign cannot guarantee you is customers.  You will gain website visitors and traffic and you will need to convert them into customers on your website.

What if your PPC (pay per click) campaign is too successful?

If your PPC (pay per click) campaign is too successful, congratulation!  You could have a very successful PPC ad campaign that converts into great sales and maybe you run low on inventory or cannot fulfil orders.  You have full control of your PPC (pay per click) ad campaign so don’t worry, you can pause and halt Ad campaigns at the press of a button, so none of your PPC ad spend is wasted.

How much will a PPC (pay per click) ad Campaign cost?

How much your PPC (pay per click) ad campaign costs will depend on the campaign size.  You will have a campaign set up fee, then ongoing testing, optimising, reporting and management, which is a percentage of ad spend.  You are in control of the price of your PPC ad campaign.

Blog Packages

What can I blog about?

What can you blog about?  The world is your oyster, you can blog about anything you like. You might want a regular newsletter, or maybe you could blog about new innovations in your industry, meet your team members, your industry trends, how to use your products and, case studies.  There is no shortage of topics to blog about.  There is no end on topics you can blog about.

Does blogging help SEO search engine optimisation?

Blogging is a great help for SEO search engine optimisation and link building.  As part of your website SEO strategy, having great shareable content always helps keep your website fresh and you can link your blogs around different topics to keep people engaged.

How long will it take to see a return on Blogging?

How long will it take to see a return on Blogging? Blogging isn’t as fast at getting new customers as PPC. But where blogging is concerned a good content writer will create ongoing traffic long after the work is complete. With blogging you are in it for the long game and your ROI is dependent on your goals, the volume of blogs written and consistency.  Once you start blogging consistently, people will expect your content, so to be successful you need to post constant good quality engaging blogs.

What If I run out of topics for my blog?

If you are worried about running out of topics for your blog then you don’t need to. There is always something to blog about.  Product reviews, industry news, opinions.  Blog about your services, products the journey you have been on and so much more.  There is always something to blog about. If you need help,  you can create a list of  blog titles so you won’t run out of blog topic ideas anytime soon.

How many revisions are included in my Blog service?

How many revisions are included in my Blog service? Your blogging service includes one round of revisions per blog post. One round of revisions should be enough.  You can provide the topics and style and number of words for your blog.

How do I handle comments on my blog?

You need to know how to handle comments on your blog. We expect that most of the comments on your blog will be supportive and grateful for the content you have shared.  When someone comments on your blog always take the time to acknowledge and thank them for their comment.  If you receive a negative comment on your blog, respectfully acknowledge their point of view and if appropriate, ask them for clarification, or allow them to have a different opinion.  Do not be drawn into an argument over blog comments.  Handled the the right way they are great engagement.

General FAQs

What is the process to work together?

The process of working with us is easy.  When we work together we hold an initial meeting to get to know each other and decide if we are a good fit to work together.  We discuss and identify what you need to do to become successful when we are inagreement to proceed, you will receive a written proposal with prices, requirements and timescales for us to proceed.

Do I pay in advance?

We require payments in advance of work commencing.

Can I pay on results?

When people ask for payments on results, they are really asking to transfer all the risk. From our meeting you will already know what you need to be successful and how we fit into that.   We do not provide payment on results services.

Are all your prices exclusive of VAT?

Are all of our prices exclusive of VAT?  Yes all our prices are exclusive of VAT.  Charges will be applied at the prevailing rates.

Am I tied into a contract?

Are you tied to a contract? We will not tie you to any long term contracts.  It maybe the case that we need to agree an initial contract period, to get started with some services that take time to develop, manage and optimise.