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Google My Business

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business (GMB) is an indexing service provided by Google to help local customers find local businesses. If you run a local service business like a plumbing service or have a local store front like a coffee shop, GMB is an essential service.

Ensuring potential customers looking for local service providers can find your local business through the Google My Business service search results can be a significant source of additional revenue for your business. Our expert team of digital marketers now offer Google My Business Setup Services.

How does Google My Business Work?

You create a profile within the Google My Business set up page. You then add all the key details about your business; opening times, service & product offerings, a business description and a profile picture.

Once you have followed the basic set up procedure you will have access to the ‘Your Business On Google’ dashboard where you can interact with customers, add posts, add photos, respond to reviews, evaluate analytical data and advertise to boost your Local business presence.

Your Business on Google

Do I Need Google My Business?

It is in the opinion of the local service business experts here at ByteSizeMe that a properly set up and managed Google My Business page is essential for every local business.

The main benefit that will become immediately apparent for any local business is that your business will now be integrated into Google Maps. Helping your customers find your store locations or check if your service business is truly local to them.

Google Maps

Google My Business when managed correctly can also provide a strong source of trust for prospective customers (stat on reviews before sale). Customers being able to see reviews from other customers on your business can be enough to result in an enquiry. Customers being able to see your reviews and see that your business is active and responsive can also help build trust.

Google Reviews

Another big advantage for you is that Google My Business helps new and existing customers find your business easily without forcing them to search for you using broad search terms which will expose them to your competitors potentially losing you business.

Finally having the ability to create Search Ads within the Google My Business interface that help place your business above all other local companies can be an additional strong driver of new customers to your business.

Google My Business Set Up Services

As with any digital marketing channel there is often a huge gap in results between setting up a channel covering the basics and creating a highly optimised channel. With over 20 years experience helping small businesses grow digitally our digital marketing experts at ByteSizeMe know what it takes to create, build and maintain a high performing digital marketing channel.

Our approach to Google My Business is no different. We use a system of best practices to ensure that your page stays active and ranks highly for local search queries ensuring that your business gets and maintain the key listing space on the local search results.

We provide a comprehensive suite of Google My Business Services:

  • Optimal Page creation with optimised business description, opening times, including an in-depth FAQs section
  • Regular content posting calendar – ensuring Google and your customers recognise your business as active and responsive
  • Review Monitoring and Notification Service – ensuring you are made aware of reviews as they happen with advice on how to handle bad reviews
  • Live messaging integration with your business mobile – ensuring you can respond quickly to any questions your customers might have
  • Google Maps set up and optimisation
  • Search Ad Campaign creation and optimisation – ensuring optimal visibility and providing a positive ROI on your Ad budget
  • Analytics evaluation service – we will breakdown the insights gained from your analytics and provide recommendations on areas to further optimise your business

With this service you can be sure that your Google My Business page will be running optimally and will be out performing any competitors who have not invested equal effort into their page. We understand how powerful an optimised GMB page can be for any local business, streamlining the path between prospective customers and new enquiries, building a strong presence on search engines without significant SEO investment and displaying strong trust signals with a managed review presence.

By offloading the management of your GMB page to professional digital marketers you are secure in the knowledge that your business will see strong results from a channel that most businesses ignore.

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As mentioned our team has over 20 years of experience in the digital marketing industry so you can feel assured you are in safe hands.

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