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Three things to do when updating your website

In these days it’s very likely a business has a website, what you might not realise is how quickly a website can gout of date!  For this reason we recommend you spend a little time every once in a while logging in and keep it up do date.  

Here are 3 things you can do when updating your website.

1 Make sure your site is optimised for search engines.

2 Test your calls to action 

3 Ensure your content is clear well written, easy to understand engaging .

Make sure your site is optimised for search engines.

This SEO advice for small business is essential for being found in local searches.

We talk a great deal about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).  As a local SEO agency we are always looking at ways to sharpen our SEO axe and share what we do with our clients.

Getting quality backlinks is key as is making the speed load of your website as fast as possible.  But there are what we call ‘On page’ SEO that is always worth double checking.

Each page should be dedicated to a certain keyword or phrase that your potential clients will be using to search for you.  If you are not sure what these words or phrases are. Have a look on your Google search console to see the phrases where you are showing up in impressions.  

Add a meta description that tells people what the page is about.  Meta descriptions and the short sentences you see under your page title in the search.  Remember every page can be ranked on Google so they all need Keywords and meta descriptions.  

Spending time learning a little and understanding  the basics of SEO, is time well spent. We wrote this article to give you a flavour of SEO 

Test your calls to action.

When people are browsing the internet, or searching for something very specific, the reality is that so many websites look very similar, so you need to make yours really stand out from the competition.

Call to actions can be links, buttons and forms, they pop from the website and entice the reader to click on or respond to them.

Think about what  you want your visitor to do? If you want them to call you , then have a button or link to your telephone number.  This is becoming ever more important with the growing use of mobile platforms  

Do you have an easily accessible enquiries forms, or email links?  Can your visitors access you through online booking?  Another call to action could be to direct people to your testimonials or if you are selling make sure your call to action to visit product pages stand out.

Ensure your content is clear well written, easy to understand and engaging.

With so much distraction around us is it any wonder people and I include myself have short attention spans.  We need to hook our visitors within the first few seconds or they will likely click off our page and look elsewhere. So you need to make sure your messaging is strong and clear.

Quickly let your visitors how you can help them, keeping it short and sweet so you don’t overload with information.  You want the reader or visitor to take an action, so make it really easy for them. 

Next steps

I always like to get a peer review if I’ve not reviewed my websites for a while.  You are always in danger of becoming a little word blind to content you have created; I know I do.

Google loves websites which get updated regularly – it shows them you are still in business.  The reason Google is so popular is that it shows information that is new relevant and informative at the top of the searches so that is the content you need to create.

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SEO Advice For Small Business 

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