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ByteSizeMe is your local SEO Agency for Hampshire, Surrey, and Berkshire.  We provide SEO services.  

With ByteSizeMe, you have SEO experts on hand to manage your online presence on the web. We will provide the SEO services you need, to have your website found in local searches.  Making you easier to find, and making you more visible when searched around Hampshire, Surrey, and Berkshire.

What is SEO and how can a SEO agency help your business?

An SEO agency can help your business be found in online searches. When you create a website or if we create a website for you, you are making content you want your prospective client or customers to see. You need to be the answer when someone types a question into a search engine.  But with website pages and blogs being continually produced all around the world it takes a proven process to get your content search engine optimised, so that it can climb up the search ranking on the major search engines.   It’s not just websites and pages that can be searched. YouTube video can also be search engine optimised. Facebook and Instagram posts can be benefit from being optimised.  This is where employing a SEO agency can be invaluable.  See where you could be missing out and request a free SEO audit

Your local SEO Agency will understand that the search engine optimisation process comes in 3 main parts.  On page, and technical SEO is all about your website content and how it is managed.  Off page is where we optimise to show website authority. What makes searches think the information is valuable.

What is on page SEO?

Is as it suggests, the optimisation of the webpage itself.  These are the processes an SEO agency will use, to optimise your website pages, to rank above your competitors.  At ByteSizeMe we use tried and tested processes.  They include identifying the keywords and phrases that are used to find you.  We look at your tags and Alt text.  We make sure your content is well structured, using the right headings in the right places.  How our website pages are linked internally is an important factor as well as how your website links to external sites and pages.

What is technical SEO?

The most relevant, search optimised content won’t be seen if the website is slow to load. People don’t wait.  Over half of mobile users will abandon a site that takes over 3 seconds to load  .  As your SEO Agency, we test and make sure your website is loading fast. Making sure images are compresses and there is nothing behind the scenes slowing your site.  Our technical SEO process removes links that are not working, removes duplicate content.  It makes sure your site is secure. It has a site map that is accurate and that your website pages can be crawled by the search engine bots easily.

What is off page SEO?

Off page SEO concerns the actions you can take to promote your page and make it seen as an authoritative piece of content. Our SEO agency process includes posting links back to your page on other digital platforms to generate backlinks.  Not all backlinks are equal. We get your site linking to authority websites.  As an SEO Agency for Hampshire, Surrey, and Berkshire we know which local online directories you need to be listed in to get results.  Linking your website in social media posts, answering questions in forums, article submission and gest blogging.  We have all the tools to get your SEO working

Why choose us as your SEO agency Hampshire, Surrey, and Berkshire?

When you choose us as your SEO agency Hampshire, Surrey, and Berkshire, we will provide a SEO strategy specifically for you. We will create a custom strategy that is best for your needs and your industry. We will consider the goals of your website and craft our strategy accordingly. You may want us to design your website for you.   

As part of our SEO service, we will research the keywords you want your business to be found for. Identify the best keywords to give you the best results in the quickest time. So we can create a customized SEO plan for you.  We will research your competitors and provide a detailed report on how they are ranking and what their online marketing strategy looks like. We provide monthly reports so that you can monitor the progress of our work, as well as any other important metrics that help you assess how well things are going. 

To really turbocharge your SEO, you need to create content for each keyword, or phrase you want to be found for.  We know this can be daunting.  We have a range of copywriting and blogging services you can utilise. Keyword researched, correctly titled with a great meta description. You don’t have to sit looking for inspiration, wondering what to write.

To get started we can provide a free SEO audit to identify gaps in your strategy and help you fix them. Don’t let the hard work you put into creating content for your website go unnoticed.  If you would like a SEO audit of your website or just need to be found in local searches, make us your SEO Agency Hampshire, Surrey, and Berkshire partner so you can focus serving your customers and clients.

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