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Had an experience with expensive SEO Agencies delivering poor results?

You aren’t the first and won’t be the last. Most of our Clients come to us after having a bad and often very expensive experience with other SEO Agencies. From poor traffic increases, minimal Google ranking improvements and decreases in bottom line revenue – we’ve seen it all.

Delivering SEO in Hampshire for over 20 years, we have extensive experience delivering results for local and national Clients of all sizes at very affordable rates (see below).

Unlike other SEO Agencies, we keep it simple, really take the time to understand your business and your goals, then set about delivering not just increases in traffic but actual sales for your business.

Everything we do is orientated with your ‘business profitability in mind

Simple. Exactly how it should be…

SEO Is The Backbone of Modern Business

Ensuring your business is securely ranking in the top search positions means an endless, reliable source of converting traffic is driven to your business. Day in, day out. Without this your business is missing out.

Find out what we can deliver!

SEO Has The Best Conversion Rates

SEO Converts better overall than any other digital marketing strategy, whether your industry is B2C or B2B. Fact. SEO converts nearly 300% better than PPC in almost every industry.

At a fraction of the cost!

SEO Is The Most Profitable Channel

SEO once it has been done properly drives staggeringly high amounts of consistently free traffic to your site. There is no marketing channel that comes close to the long-term ROI of good SEO.

We’ve tried them all!

How Do You Get Started With SEO?

I. We discuss with you what your business is about, what your goals are and what results you would like to see from an SEO Campaign performed by a Professional SEO Agency in Hampshire.

2. We then review your Business Website as it currently stands and assess how best to get some easy wins for you.

3. We then look at building the longer-term SEO strategy that will get the most profitable results for your Business.

You can choose to be completely involved in this process, learning SEO as we perform it or if you prefer you can leave the entire process in our highly experienced hands.

Just sit back and watch as the traffic rolls in.

Total transparency from that first phone call and throughout the SEO process.


Comprehensive SEO Service

£ 250 .00

Complete SEO Package – Per Month

That’s it.

  • Keyword & Competitor Analysis
  • Content Creation
  • On Page SEO
  • Off Page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • SEO Reporting
  • On-going Free Consultations

Comprehensive SEO Service

All consultations with our SEO teams are completely free and our rates are some of the most affordable in the industry

Starting at £250 per month for our Comprehensive Service. Our prices only go up if you want us to increase the volume of work we are doing. No hidden fees. No price increases. No ‘Extra Costs’ for standard SEO Services. Just a flat rate tied exactly to the volume of work we do.

What’s included in the Comprehensive SEO Service?

  • Keyword & Competitor Research – We examine the competitive landscape and identify the right keywords your business should be focusing on to increase revenue
  • Content Creation – We create high-converting content you need to turn the traffic from Google into Revenue for your business.
  • On Page SEO – We optimise your site and content pages to the highest industry standard to ensure you rank as high as is possible.
  • Off Page SEO – We build the right backlinks and get your business the right PR to ensure all your SEO efforts get the external boosts they need to deliver the right results.
  • Technical SEO – Our developer team will look over your website and perform all the optimisations needed to get that “A+” rating from Google
  • SEO Reporting – We track all progress from Day One so you can see clearly how your SEO investment is paying off for your business
  • On Going Free Consultations– Our phone lines and office doors are open anytime for on going customers.

“All of these activities are included with the Service we provide – we don’t charge extra to do separate tasks. SEO is an ‘all-in-one’ activity so that’s how we price it. Simple.

Directions To Your Hampshire SEO Agency

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Alternatively you can Call Us

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) FAQs

How Expensive is SEO?

Most SEO agencies will tell you “it depends” – most of the time this just shows you that they are going to try and get a feel of your budget then charge as much as they can. We keep it Simple at ByteSizeMe our prices for our standard service package that covers all SEO activities and costs just £250 per month.

Can I do SEO myself?

SEO like all digital marketing efforts can be done in house. However, we wouldn’t be in business for over 20 years if this was as simple as it sounds. Proper SEO requires extensive knowledge of how Google’s search algorithms work and constant application and testing of techniques to figure out what works and what doesn’t. While in house SEO won’t immediately burn a hole in your wallet like other digital marketing channels like PPC the sheer amount of time spent learning, testing and reworking your site and content ends up being far more expensive than simply offloading this complex task to an agency. Its why we exist. We can do it faster and deliver much better results, so give us a try and let us do what we do best.

How long does SEO take?

Almost all SEO agencies say the dreaded “it depends” in answer to this question. However over the years we have enough data to give you a real world estimate. On a site we have optimised and created content for, in a ‘moderately competitive’ niche you can expect to see results from the first 2-3 months which then builds rapidly over time. Sometimes faster, sometimes slightly slower.

Is SEO dead?

Obviously not. People trying to sell you on other services such as PPC have a vested interest in keeping you away from SEO because they simply don’t know how to do it. However the stats are very clear – SEO is the overall most profitable marketing channel and long term has the best ROI by a massive margin. Read our comprehensive SEO guide here.

Do you offer SEO content?

Yes, our comprehensive SEO package includes copywriting new content for your site each month. We can do this with your support or with out. Our team of professional SEO copywriters make optimised SEO content all day, everyday in a large number of niches. Check our copywriting service.

Do you do backlinking?

We include backlinking as part of our SEO package, we can also offer a separate backlinking service. We have a fully vetted index of effective and safe backlinks we can integrate into your site.

Should I do PPC or SEO?

We always say both. SEO is always the priority for any business wanting to last long-term but if you want ‘overnight’ results PPC is the way to go. Our team are fully certified by Google to create and run Search and Shopping Campaigns for business of any size. Check out our full list of PPC services

Can you improve my website?

Website optimisation is included as standard in our SEO package. However if you want a website built from scratch or an upgrade of your current website we also have a team of professional website designers on hand (enquire below)

Does SEO work for eCommerce stores?

Absolutely, eCommerce SEO is slightly different to SEO for service based businesses but fundamentally it is exactly the same. At ByteSizeMe we not only perform SEO for eCommerce websites, we build them to. Make sure to check out our eCommerce Set Up Service

What results can I expect from SEO?

The general aim for SEO it to get your business at the top of Google for ‘all’ search queries relating to your business. Obviously every market is different with some markets being heavily saturated with strong SEO competition however long term with the right agency behind your SEO work you will be ranking for as many relevant terms as possible. With a good understanding of the search volume those search queries get and the conversion rate of your site you can give estimates of what results SEO will potentially deliver. If you would like to get an estimate for your business, make sure to use the contact us form below.

Do you only operate in Hampshire?

We operate nationally but offer ‘walk-in’ SEO services to businesses in the Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire areas. If you aren’t needing a face-to-face consultation we can perform an entire campaign for you through Video calling.