What Can Social Media Do For My Hampshire Business?

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and TikTok, are all powerful tools when used correctly. Socal media can help you grow your Hampshire business, connect with new customers, and create a community around your brand. The use of social media for business is not always easy to understand, but I hope this blog will help you get started on the right path.

What can social media do?

One of the biggest benefits of social media, is that it gives companies the opportunity to engage with their customers in a personal way, which makes them more likely to buy from those brands.  Social media has also enabled businesses to create communities around their brand, which helps them create more loyal customers. It has become an essential part of digital marketing strategies for businesses, and marketers alike.

Done the right way, yes, it is more than random posting, social media can help your business in so many ways.

Establish your presence

The online space is getting more and more competitive and establishing your presence so you are found, is the first job of your social media strategy.  Setting up social media business pages can take time and effort, but they can be a great source of leads and visitors to your business.  In 2022, not having your business on at least one social media platform, could be seen damaging to your credibility.

Engage with your followers

Having established your online presence, you can start to engage and attract followers to your business.  What is so special about social media followers, is that they will follow you because they like what you do, resinate with your message, enjoy using your product or services. The fact that people engage with your content and follow you is a great indicator that they will at some stage become a customer or client and maybe, a great advocate of your business, sharing your content with their friends and family.

Interact with influencers and partners in your industry.

There is power in association and you can use social media to align your business with industry leaders and brands.  Don’t be shy about sharing other influencers content that you find helpful and informative. There will be a time when influencers share your posts, gaining you exposure to a wider audience.

Join groups related to your brand or location

One of the best ways to leverage social media for your business is to join groups.  There are multiple groups covering all industries and niches.  The great news is that there are great local groups as well, that are desperate for businesses to join and add value and relevant local content.

Share your own content

You know your business better than anyone, and you possess a greater level of knowledge than most.  Social media is your platform to share your expertise and demonstrate the value that your business brings.  Creating and sharing your own content will position yourself as a local thought leader and industry expert.

What can social media do for my Hampshire business

To summarise, when asking the question, what can social media do for my Hampshire business? Social media allows you to be found in a crowded online space, allows you build rapport and grow a fan base of potential customers or clients.  It lets you associate with influences and industry leaders as well as positioning yourself as a local knowledge base and ‘go to’ expert in the community.  All of which, I think you will agree, will build your business profile and generate leads and sales into your business.

There are so many social media channels available to grow your business it can be quite a challenge knowing where and which one to start with. I always advise to pick whichever one you use the most, and start there.  Get good on one platform first, before adding another.

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