What Is Better Than Shopify For Starting A New eCommerce Business?

What is better than Shopify for starting a new eCommerce Business?

When first launching your eCommerce store you need and you need a way to serve those products to the world.

For this you will need an eCommerce platform that can host your products and look good doing it – the current market leader in eCommerce platforms is ‘Shopify’ and in this guide we will run over Shopify’s pros & cons, its top competitors and why Shopify is likely the best option for anyone starting an eCommerce store in today’s market.

Shopify is an all-in-one eCommerce platform – it primarily serves individuals or businesses who want to run an eCommerce store without the headache of coding a store from the ground up.

Shopify offers ‘out-of-the-box’ eCommerce optimised websites that can be customised in a near-infinite number of ways.

Many businesses from one-person handmade crafts micro businesses to an international household name brand like PepsiCo use Shopify precisely because it is far easier to build with than many of the other eCommerce solutions out there.

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The Pros of Using Shopify Over Other Platforms

Shopify has two major things going for it – versatility and professionalism. A small-scale eCommerce operation with the right kind of support can create a highly professional eCommerce site relatively quickly with Shopify that will have the same look and feel to it that world-leading eCommerce stores have.

On top of that professionalism, the ability to customise your store in a near-infinite number of ways through the third-party application store means you can add pretty much any functionality to your site you can think of.

From your basic promotional pop-ups to time-sensitive above-the-fold banners to back-end automated fulfilment and logistics to live recorders of customers’ cursor movements, Shopify has an app for almost everything making it suitable for practically every business.

The Negatives Of Using Shopify Versus Other Platforms

Shopify’s versatility and ability to be optimised in infinite ways can actually be a downside for unsavvy users. While endless customisability is great, adding lots of third-party apps on top of each other without the right support from expert developers can result in major hits to your site’s loading speed.

Loading speed is majorly important to conversions with slow-loading sites converting significantly lower than fast-loading sites. On top of conversions, Google will prioritise faster-loading sites over slower-loading sites so fast-loading speed needs to be at the front of your mind at all times which means you will likely have to sacrifice some fancy apps in favour of a better experience for your customers.

What Alternatives Are There To Shopify

While Shopify is undoubtedly a great eCommerce solution it is not the only one available to you there are three popular rivals in the space – “Big Commerce, WooCommerce & Magento”. All three of these solutions have their own pros and cons however our Experts at BytesizeMe believe that the cons outweigh the pros for almost all individuals new to eCommerce versus Shopify.

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BigCommerce while very similar to Shopify in a lot of ways including ease of use and customisability unfortunately forces all of its users to pay for their more premium monthly fees once your store crosses £50,000 in sales per ‘year’ or 1,000 yearly orders – which if you are new to eCommerce is not actually very much at all, these fees keep scaling as your business grows. There is no such limit on Shopify.

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WooCommerce while ‘free’ on its very basic package requires a significant amount of knowledge of web development to use in a functional way. The major advantage of Woocommerce is that it easily integrates into WordPress websites however the generally needed addition of lots of ‘monthly subscription fee’ apps to create functionality that comes as standard with services like BigCommerce and Shopify means you end up eventually paying more for far less as time goes on.

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Magento is an open-source eCommerce solution meaning if you are an advanced web developer you can customise a Magento store with nearly no restrictions on what can be done. Unfortunately, this major selling point is actually a major disadvantage for most retailers. Most retailers are not developers nor have access to an in-house developer team meaning they are not able to take advantage of the benefits of the Magento platform.

Why Shopify is the best overall eCommerce solution for new businesses

The three major competitors to Shopify in the space while having their own host of advantages for the average retailer needing an eCommerce solution all three have major shortcomings that Shopify does not, combined with significant advantages that can not be found elsewhere.

Overall Shopify excels at value for money and its comprehensive suite of built-in features ensures you have everything and more than you need to succeed without any unnecessary overcomplication or restrictions.

So what makes Shopify better for new businesses?

  • Affordable and reasonable pricing structure starting as low as £5 per month.
  • Huge community of developers, designers and support teams that can be accessed 24/7 to solve any issue you may have.
  • Massive app store enabling you to add almost any functionality to your site you can think of.
  • User experience-focused themes (both paid & free)
  • Constantly improving service offering
  • Cheap payment processing fees & lots of third-party payment processing integration (PayPal, Google Pay, Klarna etc…)
  • Simplicity when scaling – no extra fees, no hidden costs, and no limitations.

How we can help you get started with Shopify

Shopify is designed with a streamlined experience for both the user and the store owner in mind. However, setting up a Shopify store correctly can be a lot trickier than it first appears.

Not only do you need to know the best apps to use and how to optimise your site for faster load speeds and improved UX, but you also need to be conscious of SEO, Email Capture, Social Media Marketing, and Search Engine Marketing to be in with a fighting chance.

While those topics individually require years to master we can save you all the headaches and wasted money that goes into ‘doing all the wrong things before you finally do the right things and fast-track your eCommerce store to pain-free success as fast as possible.

Our in-house team eCommerce Web Designers in Hampshire at have years of experience creating high-performing Shopify Stores and will set your store up correctly from day one.

Our Experts will then train you on exactly how to use all of the tools you will need and then can hand you over to the digital marketing experts with over 20 years of experience at our parent company ‘Intertec Data Solutions’ to optimise and scale your business as far as you want to take it.

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